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STEP1 Schedule

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 14, 2017 2:45 pm

What worked for me won’t work for you, but if you’re curious…

Day to Day:
Wake up 8am and read ~50-100 pages of FIRST AID for 4-5hrs until 12pm or 1pm (These mornings sucked really badly). Lunch 1 hr (Yay!). Start UWORLD tutored untimed mode and do ~ 80 questions, 4 hrs per block, x2 = 8hrs. I split this in between dinner. So 1pm or 2pm start time until dinner which is usually 6 or 7pm. Then 6 or 7pm until 10 or 11pm = second block. Somehow, I usually squeeze in a short 30 min. work-out in the afternoon, not every day but most days.
I repeated my Day to Day routine Monday through Saturday
Sunday: Still manage to wake up at 8am and read FIRST AID for 4-5 hrs until 12pm or 1pm. Then I would review my UWorld Journal for 2-3hrs and annotate FIRST AID.

Week to Week:

Week1: FIRST AID 1st Pass ~ 300 pages 50%, UWORLD ~ 500 ?’s ~ 20%

Week2: FIRST AID 1st Pass ~ 300 pages (600 total) 100%, UWORLD ~ 500 (1000 total) ?’s 40%

Week3: FIRST AID 2nd Pass ~300 pages 50%, UWORLD ~ 500 (1500 total) ?’s 60%

Week4: First AID 2nd Pass ~ 300 pages 100% UWORLD ~ 500 (2000 total) 80%

Week4: Sunday Instead of waking up reading FIRST AID, I made sure to read a bit extra to finish 2 nd Pass on Saturday. Sunday was my first NBME

Week 5: FIRST AID 3rd Pass ~600 pages 100%, UWORLD remaining questions 100%

Week 6: FIRST AID 4th Pass ~600 pages 100%, UWORLD incorrect questions timed mixed. I got about 80% overall on UWORLD 1 st pass, so my incorrect questions come out to be about ~500.

Week 6: Sunday = NBME round 2

Week 7 Monday, Wednesday: review incorrect questions, read through my UWORLD Journal and run through the high yield section in FIRST AID and read the adverse drug reaction and side-effects chapter.

Week 7 Tuesday, Thursday: NBME round 3 and 4
Week 7 Friday = Chill Day. ABSOLUTELY NO STUDYING.
Week 7 Saturday = Game Day.

Variations in my schedule

6 weeks: Go through UWORLD at least 1x. Read FIRST AID at least 3x.

Weeks 1-2: FIRST AID 1st pass UWORLD 40%

Weeks 3-4: FIRST AID 2nd Pass UWORLD 80%, 1 st NBME

Week 5: FIRST AID 3rd Pass UWORLD 100%, 2 nd NBME

Week 6: UWORLD Incorrect, 3 rd NBME

Week 6 end: Game Day

8 weeks: Go through UWORLD at least 1x. Read FIRST AID at least 3x.

Based on how you annotate FIRST AID, you can give yourself 3 weeks instead of 2

weeks on your first pass of FIRST AID. However, for 2 nd pass, step up your game

and go through it in 2 weeks. So

Weeks 1-3: FIRST AID 1st pass, UWORLD 50%

Weeks 4-5: FIRST AID 2nd pass, UWORLD 75%, 1 st NBME

Weeks 6-7: FIRST AID 3rd Pass, UWORLD 100%, 2 nd NBME

Week 8: UWORLD incorrect, 3rd NBME

Week 8 end: Game Day

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